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OK Guys, our PSF Qualifying matches are coming thick and fast now.

Our next one is at Stourport on Thursday 18th July 8.30am draw at the old swimming baths over the bridge.

Book in with Paul Turner 07921565107.

Once you've done that it's £21 entry ticket payable to Prostate Screening Fund account No; 66374760 sort code 30 96 12.

To confirm place, PLEASE, PLEASE PUT MATCH REFERENCE  NUMBER (on sheet) when paying in.....

I'm also taking names for Bridgnorth Qualifier and Twyford Qualifier.

There's Qualifiers at Barford Above and below contact Shane Edwards for Above and Paul King for Below.

Again when paying in £21 entry ticket you must put Match REFERENCE Number.

As you can see by sheet Cadence again will sponsor this river championship with great money prizes of which all Finalists will receive a prize. 👍🎣.

Help PSF fund More life saving PSA Home-kit tests 💖


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