Team Summers have been at it again !!

Many thanks to Gary and Jayne who have once more been sorting the pegs at Twyning.

Following a new Peg 20, all pegs to Peg 50 have been re numbered.

2 pegs have been repaired, and if you see them on the bank, please express your gratitude.....

Thank you Gary and Jayne....



Many Thanks to Gary and Jayne, who have once again been hard at work at DSAC waters at Twyning.

A new peg had been created on existing scaffolding below Peg 19, thus creating 50 pegs.

Peg 3 was also repaired and back to full strength.

Jayne said " I like Gary helping me out when i repair the pegs, as his van is useful, he helps carry the wood, and makes a nice cup of tea." 

Jayne doing a bit of house keeping before peg repairs. 


Jayne won the beauty contest...


Peg 3  Sorted

Peg 3.jpg