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Several years ago Dennis Spinner and other anglers from Worcester regularly fished on the River Teme at Stanford Bridge. As interest dwindled, Dennis, and a few friends started 'The Riflemans AC' in Droitwich. The club continued to rent the Stanford Bridge waters, but in order to have sponsorship from the Angling Trust, a club name change was required. Thus, 'Droitwich Spa AC' was created.

Droitwich Spa AC now has over 100 members, and rents 2 stretches of water. The Droitwich Canal at Porters Mill, and a one mile stretch of the Warwickshire Avon near Twyning, Gloucs.

Many matches are run throughout the year on club waters and others. DSAC is a now a well run club, thriving with both pleasure and match anglers.

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