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Dear Fellow Members of the Droitwich Spa AC -

Your Committee is taking a number of initiatives in trying to ensure the future of our Angling Club. We need your help


1. If you are a DSAC Member under 60 years of age, would you be prepared to come on to the Committee as an observer with a view to taking office in the future?

If so, then please message our Secretary (John Walker) on 07584 019224 or


2. If you have a Worcester and District United Angler’s Association Card then please send your name and WDUAA Membership card number to Jerry Bartlett on 07812 950892 or 

3. If you have any form of disability (including disabilities in addition to those affecting mobility) then please send your name and disability to John Walker on 

07584 019224


Please help us to help our fishing club.


Thank you.

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