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Members Only Thursday 4th November.
Please Book In with John Swain.
Draw 0830. (unless everyone has arrived)
Fish 0945 x 1445      £10 Pools
Please close all gates. 
Please maintain Social distancing.
Upon Final Hooter 'No Fishing' by anyone on your peg, until weighed in.
Book in with John Swain. Phone number on Club Rules on Membership page.
Confirmation of you 'booking in' will be confirmed with a text and gate code). If I do not reply, try again or phone me.


 DSAC workers who volunteer to undertake bank, peg and car park maintenance work at Twyning and Porter’s Mill are insured through the Angling Trust for personal accident injury and against public liability claims.

Volunteer workers are not subject to Health and Safety at Work legislation. Nevertheless, the DSAC has a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to ensure that members, volunteer workers and the public are protected against accident injury and that the Club and Committee Members are not exposed to civil action or prosecution.

  1. Plans for working parties must be approved by an Officer of the Club, or the Committee Member for the River or the Canal as appropriate, and all risks must be identified in advance together with precautions for avoiding accidents using a Risk Assessment form which will be provided.

  2. An Officer of the Club, or the Committee Member for the River or the Canal as appropriate, must accompany every working party to oversee accident risk avoidance.

  3. Volunteer maintenance workers must always work in pairs and never alone, and must adhere to the relevant risk assessment.

  4. When working in or close to the water, volunteer workers must wear a floatation aid and be accompanied by a person with a rope of sufficient length for the assistance of any volunteer who falls in the water.

  5. When using sharp hand tools and/or strimmers, appropriate safety boots (not wellingtons), thick gloves and any other protective clothing recommended by the manufacturers must be worn.

  6. Chain saws and other large/heavy duty power tools must not be used unless the volunteer operator has been trained by a qualified person and is wearing full protective clothing including a hard hat, steel toecapped safety boots, ear protectors and anything else recommended by the manufacturers.

  7. Any accidents which occur during a working party (whether or not any injury has happened) must be reported to Club Secretary John Walker at the earliest opportunity.

 (NB: Health and Safety provision is ongoing and is subject to annual review and to revision when circumstances warrant.)

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